Human-Supervised Semi-Autonomous Mobile Manipulators for Executing Machine Tending Tasks

COVID-19 Disinfecting Robot (ADAMMS-UV)

Speeding Up Manipulator Trajectory Planning in Cluttered Environments

Motion Planning for Mobile Manipulator carrying large objects

Integrating Motion Planning with Task-Agent Assignment

Smart Robotic Cell for Prepreg Composite Sheet Layup

Task Assignment and Motion Planning for Bi-Manual Mobile Manipulation

Trajectory Planning for Manipulators in Cluttered Environments

Robot Trajectory Compensation

Trajectory Generation for Multi-Robot Systems

Mobile Manipulation under Uncertainty

Trajectory Planning for Manipulators

Planning for Part Placement

Robotic Finishing

Robotic Composite Sheet Layup

Non-Planar 3D Printing

USC Soft Hand

Supportless Extrusion-Based AM

Robotic Sheet Lamination

Flexible Assembly

Trajectory planning for Mobile Manipulators

Sarasa Comet Goldfish Inspired Robot

Pneumatically-Actuated Soft Hand II

Multi-Resolution additive manufacturing

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